I started receiving acupuncture from Vonda at the recommendation of my chiropractor. I was undergoing cancer treatments and felt great pain relief from my visits to Vonda. She truly listens to my concerns and adjusts each visit as needed. I am grateful to have found this compassionate practitioner. ~ B.E.


Vonda takes the time upfront to understand the full picture from head to toe, inside and out. I fully trust Vonda for my plantar issues, allergies, and stress. ~ T.L.


I highly recommend Soul Potential Acupuncture and Wellness. Vonda is attentive and very thorough. I received e-stim acupuncture and was able to reach the dopplers levels that I was looking for with her help. I am not someone who enjoys needles but Vonda took great care to make me feel comfortable. I am grateful to have been under her care! ~M.S.


Wonderful! The owner, Vonda, is a kind, beautiful soul and a talented practitioner. Every time I go I feel like a completely different person afterward — peaceful, happier & healthier. She is collaborative in her approach to healing, which I appreciate. In just a few sessions my shoulder & neck pain have dramatically improved. She’s affordable, too, which I’m so grateful for. I highly recommend Soul Potential Acupuncture! ~ A.R.


I found relief from shoulder pain that I’d had for almost two years. Massage and heat had helped, but Vonda Muncy’s acupuncture treatment relieved my pain. Feeling like myself again. Her manner is warm, caring and knowledgeable. The office is welcoming and reassuring. I have already recommended Vonda Muncy to my father and my neighbor. Thank you. ~ V.A.


Fantastic Results! I had a sharp pain in the my shoulder that just wouldn’t go away. I tried message and a chiropractor, but it didn’t resolve it. I went to Soul Potential and it really worked. I was able to get sleep that night and the next morning the pain in my shoulder was completely gone. Also, it never came back. ~ M.R.


I went to Soul Potential Acupuncture and Wellness for my digestive issues. Vonda, the practitioner, was very professional and she listened to all of my health concerns. Her treatment was gentle and very relaxing. I felt immediate relief from the acupuncture session. I highly recommend seeing Vonda if you are struggling from chronic health problems. ~ F.L.


Soul Potential is a really important resource for health maintenance. Acupuncture really helps in your program. Our family has all been treated here for various maladies that were resolved though the careful care and guidance of Soul Potential staff. Some things took multiple visits and other things were resolved after one visit, but we can only say positive things about Soul Potential. Give them a try for your health maintenance and we highly recommend them for children and adults alike. Our whole family has enjoyed the benefits of keeping our bodies in very good health this way. ~ A.B.


Vonda is wonderful to work with, she has a gentle touch and radiates a kind peace which immediately puts you at ease. ~ D.S.


I was in serious pain, could not move my neck without blinding painful spasms. One treatment stopped the spasms, the second session ended most pain. It was amazing the turn around in pain level. She seemed to address my situation at the level of intensity it needed. Not all acupuncturists, in my experience, work that “assertively.” Vonda is an excellent acupuncturist, sensitive to the level of care needed. 
~ O.M.


I have seen Vonda for treatments for many different issues. I am impressed with her knowledge, calm spirit and ability to make me feel better with every treatment. Acupuncture is amazing in its ability to help my body heal naturally and to make me feel relaxed every time I have an appointment. I highly recommend Vonda and Soul Potential. ~ K.B.


I would highly recommend Vonda at Soul Potential. I visited her for treatment of plantar fasciitis and was encouraged by the results and overall had a really good experience. My treatment left me feeling like the acupuncture was much more effective than a massage.

Vonda is very patient and spends time finding out about overall health and is willing to answer a lot of questions. I was really pleased with the experience and look forward to visiting her again. ~ K.K.


I’ve had a great experience with Vonda of Soul Potential. I went to see her for pain and numbness from a complete radial fracture. Within just a couple of treatments the numbness was completely gone, along with the swelling. And I am gaining back the strength in my arm extremely quickly. I am amazed at the results, and grateful to Vonda for her expertise and care. I recommend Soul Potential very highly. ~ S.B.


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