How Micro Acupuncture™ Can Help Macular Degeneration

18 May, 2020

While modern medicine has made incredible advances when it comes to healing the human body, it hasn’t yet been able to crack many medical conditions, including age-related macular degeneration. This condition is one of the leading causes of vision impairment and blindness around the world and affects 11 million people in the United States alone — and this number is predicted to double to 22 million by 2050 thanks to an aging population.

Despite these large numbers, little progress has been made in treating or reversing this sight-robbing disease. That said, one area of medicine is showing great promise in resolving macular degeneration, and it’s a therapy that’s been in practice for millennia — acupuncture.

At Soul Potential Acupuncture & Wellness, Vonda Muncy, an expertly trained acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine specialist, offers an innovative, yet time-tested, approach to health and wellness. One area where we’ve had great success is helping our patients in Castle Rock, Colorado, stem the tide of macular degeneration through a specialized acupuncture technique, helping to preserve their eyesight for years to come.

Here’s how Micro Acupuncture can help with your macular degeneration.

Acupuncture 101

As we mentioned, acupuncture is a millennia-old practice that was first developed by the Chinese. With the belief that the human body functions best when its energy, called qi, flows freely, acupuncture is designed to encourage this flow.

When your qi becomes blocked, disease, pain, inflammation, and other issues can develop. By targeting certain acupuncture points in your body, acupuncture releases your qi, allowing your body to function with all of its best resources in circulation.

Acupuncture and macular degeneration

Just a few decades ago, Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, who is a leading acupuncturist who specializes in Chinese medical ophthalmology, uses an acupuncture technique that directly addresses certain eye conditions, including macular degeneration. Called Micro Acupuncture, this technique targets 48 different acupuncture points in your hands, feet, and around the eyes that influence your eye health. No needles go directly into your eyes.

Since his introduction of Micro Acupuncture, Dr. Rosenfarb and his colleagues have treated more than 10,000 patients, 80% of whom experienced marked vision improvement.

Fascinated by the success of this approach to eye disease, Vonda studied under Dr. Rosenfarb and now offers this life-changing acupuncture technique at Soul Potential Acupuncture.

The Micro Acupuncture process

To get started, we recommend 10 Micro Acupuncture treatments. Based on your response to these first treatments, we may recommend more until you’re satisfied with your results or until there’s no further improvement in your macular degeneration.

Most of our patients undergo around 10-20 Micro Acupuncture treatments and then maintain their great results with annual or biannual follow-up treatments.

If you’d like to explore how Micro Acupuncture can help you preserve your vision in the face of macular degeneration, please give us a call at (720)772-7588 or use the convenient online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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