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Are you being held back in life by injuries, pain, digestive issues, emotional strain, stress or women’s issues? Are you tired of being told there is nothing else that can be done? Would you prefer to collaborate and actively participate in your journey to a dis-ease free state?

At Castle Pines, we believe there is no authority greater than the wisdom of your body to bring about your own wellness. Our bodies speak to us all of the time. We just have to listen.

Employing techniques from the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, our passion is to help you reach your full potential by reducing the physical distractions that are in the way of living a fulfilling and happy life

Experience vitality through freedom from pain

Experience Clarity through macular degeneration relief

Support of fertility on your journey from seed to sprout

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the stimulation of healing channels in the body to energize the body’s own innate healing response. This is accomplished through the use of very thin, single use sterile needles

What will my first visit be like?

During your initial visit we spend 20-30 mins talking about your health history and your treatment goals. Once we have a clear picture of your treatment needs you will receive an acupuncture treatment. The initial visit lasts from 60-75 mins.

Why might I need additional visits after my first treatment?

Some individuals, depending on their condition, how long they have had the condition and whether there are other health issues may need several treatments. Every BODY is different and responds to acupuncture differently
Pain management brain

Pain Management

Pain management brain

Macular Degeneration

Pain management brain


This was my virgin acupuncture session and while I was a little nervous, Vonda immediately put me at ease. She did a thorough health history and educated me as to the process. I’ve gone 3 times with incredible results! Thank you, Vonda!

– DC

I found Vonda from the reviews and everyone is spot on! She takes her time to thoroughly understand what you are going through. She addresses any and all concerns. I had several aches and pains going on, but since starting treatments, I am energized again and feel my strength coming back. Highly recommend Vonda!

– TB

Vonda went above-and-beyond to help me in the treatment of my chronic hives (CIU) – I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She was very thorough in understanding my condition, and knowledgeable on different treatment paths. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from her for the past 3-4 months, and have seen tremendous improvements in my condition. I can’t thank Vonda enough for her help and expertise!



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